Lead Abatement Certification Overview

Lead abatement training is required for contractors and their workers performing lead abatement work, which includes any measure designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Those who have not completed the necessary lead abatement certification training will be in violation and subject to heavy fines by the EPA or state regulatory agency.

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To perform lead-based paint inspections and/or dust clearance exams for a lead abatement project, you must be certified as a Lead Inspector. Additionally, a Lead Risk Assessor can evaluate lead hazards and submit recommendations for its safe removal.

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Lead-Safe Renovations vs. Lead Abatement Work

Contractors doing work in older homes need to know the difference between what is classified as a renovation activity versus lead abatement work. Confusing the two may be very costly to the contractor if the work is misrepresented to the client.
The main difference between Lead Renovation and Lead Abatement work is the intent of the work itself. Lead Abatement means any activity where the intent is to permanently eliminate lead paint hazards from the home, building, or structure in question. Contractors and workers must receive Lead Abatement Certification training prior to performing this work.
In contrast, a Lead-Safe Renovation is generally defined as any renovation, repair, or painting work performed in a pre-1978 residential property where lead-based paint may be disturbed as a result of that work. Contractors must receive Lead Renovator training prior to performing this work.

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EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Rules for Lead Certification

The EPA has ruled that contractors who perform lead-based paint abatement projects must train and re-certify in lead-safe work practices before performing any lead abatement projects. There are 4 steps to be sure you are in compliance:
  1. Register for an EPA or state-approved lead abatement certification course
  2. Pass the Lead Abatement Certification Exam at the end of the course to receive a Certificate of Completion
  3. Register yourself and your company with the EPA or your local state lead program. Additional testing or eligibility requirements may apply, and vary by state.
  4. Receive approval, and you’re ready to perform Lead Abatement work!

Zack Academy and its network of trainers are accredited EPA Lead Certification trainers, and provide the Lead Abatement Worker, Supervisor, and Inspector Training. If you need assistance determining which course is right for your, call us at 646-564-3546!

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Lead paint poisoning is often considered an issue that was eradicated years ago. However, recent studies on child lead levels have shown that despite increased efforts by contractors to follow lead safe practices, children residing in homes under renovation are 30% more likely to have an unsafe level of lead in their blood than those in homes that were not under renovation. Even basic work being performed by contractors including plumbers, electricians, and window replacement specialists can lead to invisible, harmful dust from disturbing lead paint.

Abatement means any measure or set of measures designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. In order to perform lead paint abatement work, individuals must be certified by an EPA-approved training provider. During abatement, lead-safe work practices must be followed, including work-area containment to prevent lead paint dust and debris, and minimizing exposure to lead paint hazards by thoroughly cleaning the site after project completion. These lead safe steps must be conducted by an individual who has received the EPA Lead Abatement Worker certification under the supervision by an individual who has received the EPA Lead Abatement Supervisor certification.

Even if you are currently not working on any projects that would fall under the new EPA requirements, it's better to get the training completed and not risk having to turn down any work because you are not yet in EPA compliance. For any questions on these new EPA requirements or to determine if these EPA-approved courses are right for you, please call us in the office at 646-564-3546 and we will be glad to help!

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