Lead Safe Renovator Refresher Classes

Lead Certified Contractors, Painters, & Renovators!

The Lead Renovator Certification must be renewed every five years with the EPA, and some EPA-authorized states require renewal even earlier! Don’t let your lead certification expire.

During the Lead Renovator Refresher training, we’ll review the practices you learned during your initial training course on how to keep you, your team, and your client safe from lead paint dust during renovation, painting, or repair activities in older homes or schools.

The RRP Refresher Training will review:

  • EPA/HUD Regulations
  • Testing for Lead-Based Paint
  • Worksite Lead-safe Set-Up Practices
  • Prohibited Practices, Personal Protective Equipment, and Lead Paint Dust Control
  • Cleaning Activities and Lead-safe Verification
  • EPA Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Training of Non-Certified Renovators or Painters

NOTE: If you are not currently a Certified Renovator, you must start by taking the 8-hour Lead Renovator Certification Initial course. The 4-hour refresher training is only valid to renew existing Lead Renovator Certifications. Students will be required to present their Initial Lead Renovator Certificate in order to attend the refresher class.

Have a group? Click to learn more about our in-house lead certification solutions!

Can you take this class online?

YES! The EPA has approved Zack Academy to provide a fully-online version of the 4-hour Lead Renovator RRP Refresher course for renewal. CLICK HERE to view the course details and registration.

The online version of the refresher renews your training certification for 3 years (instead of 5 with in-person classes) and the EPA is only allowing individuals to take the refresher online every other renewal period. Some EPA-Authorized states do not accept online training, or may have additional requirements following the course, so make sure to be aware of your local requirements.

If you are more comfortable in a live classroom, we have hundreds of training locations across the US to make this as easy and convenient as possible for you. With EPA approved training providers from New York to California, Minnesota to Texas, Illinois to Pennsylvania, Zack Academy has the most extensive Lead Renovator Refresher training schedule available.

EPA Extension for Certified Lead Renovator Renewal Training

The EPA has issued a 1-year extension for qualifying individuals: If you completed an initial EPA course between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011, your certification is valid for 6 years from the date of course completion. Please note that this extension does not apply for Firm Certifications, which must be renewed online via the EPA website every 5 years, or with your EPA-Authorized state program.

Renewal Information for Working in EPA-Authorized States

There are 15 states that the EPA has authorized to run their own Lead-Safe Renovation program in lieu of the federal RRP program. Each state has unique requirements for certification, including varying deadlines for renewal. Visit our blog post here for more information if you work in AL, DE, GA, IA, KS, MA, MS, NC, OK, OR, RI, UT, VT, WA or WI.

Why do you have to take a refresher course?

Since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enacted the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule in 2010, hundreds of thousands of painters, contractors, renovators, installers, electricians, landlords, and more have taken the Lead Renovator Initial training to learn lead-safe renovation practices to prevent child lead poisoning from lead dust. At the time, children residing in homes that were being renovated were 30% more likely to have an unsafe level of lead in their blood than those in homes that were not under renovation.

Even basic renovation or repair work can lead to invisible, yet very harmful dust from disturbing lead paint. A spec of lead paint dust the size of a grain of salt can be enough to cause serious damage in a young child’s development. It is important that we continue to learn about lead paint safety, and refresh our knowledge of proper practices and procedures when working on a property containing lead paint, so we can continue to bring down these statistics of affected children.

Even you are are not currently working on pre-1978 residences or schools that would fall under the EPA Lead RRP Rule, keeping your certification current will ensure that you are prepared and in compliance if a project opportunity becomes available. Wait times for Lead Safe Firm Applications to process are as long as three months, so be sure to renew early! The EPA and EPA-authorized states are increasing enforcement efforts, and will be issuing fines for non-compliant workers and companies in violation of the lead paint law.

For any questions regarding the Initial or Refresher Lead Renovator Certification classes, please call us in the office at 646-564-3546 and we will be glad to help!

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