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Zack Academy's Mold Certification courses will help you become an expert and grow your business in environmentally responsible mold assessment and mold remediation. Get the training and certification you need to provide healthy environments for your clients, while keeping yourself and your employees safe. View our training options and locations below and get started today! Read the course descriptions below to determine which Mold Certification Course you need.

Mold Inspection
Learn what it takes to conduct a professional mold inspection prior to a mold remediation project, and how to become a mold inspection professional. Our Mold Inspection courses provide an overview of the impact of mold on our environment and of the principles and procedures involved in the mold removal, mold inspections and mold testing, mold abatement and management of molds. Register for a local course today!
Mold Remediation
Interested in working for or starting a mold remediation company that specializes in mold removal and prevention? If so, our Mold Remediation courses are for you. Mold Remediation courses are designed for individuals who wish to gain certification in mold removal, whether you want to focus on performing the actual work or supervising the jobsite.
Mold Inspection and Remediation
Starting your own Mold Inspection and Remediation company that handles all aspects of the mold remediation process requires time, dedication, and the right training by experienced instructors and training providers. Our Mold Inspection & Remediation courses cover all aspects of the mold remediation process, including: mold fundamentals, inspections, assessments, sampling methods, and report interpretation, while also covering what is needed to perform the actual mold remediation work on the jobsite.
Mold Refresher NY

This 4-hour Mold Refresher - NY course satisfies New York state requirements for mold license holders approaching expiration. Upon successful completion, students will earn a Mold Refresher Certificate of Completion. This course satisfies requirements for all mold license types including: Assessor, Remediation Contractor, Abatement Worker Supervisor and Abatement Worker.

Mold Abatement Worker - NY
The New York State Department of Labor requires this Mold Abatement Worker course for individuals that perform any type of mold remediation or abatement work in any capacity and are employed by a licensed mold remediation contractor.
Mold Remediation Contractor - NY
All contractors who perform mold remediation or abatement work are required to take this Mold Remediation Contractor course.
Mold Assessor - NY
This Mold Assessor course is required for professionals who will perform mold assessment and will design and write remediation plans for mold remediation/abatement projects in the state of New York.
Mold Assessor and Remediation Contractor Combo - NY
The 5 day Combo course is for individuals that will perform Mold inspection and Remediation. Course topics will cover hazard assessment and mold remediation plans. 
Mold Abatement Worker NY - Spanish
This is a 2 day course that is taught in Spanish and is required for workers that perform any type of mold abatement work in any capacity and are employed by a licensed mold remediation contractor in NY.
Mold in Construction Online Anytime
This Mold in Construction safety course teaches construction professionals how to recognize mold in structures, as well as basic tips on mold control. 
Microbial Remediation Supervisor Refresher Online
This is an ACAC exam prep course designed to assist IAQ Training Institute, LLC clients preparing for the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) Certified Microbial Remediator (CMR) or the ACAC Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor (CMRS) certification exam.
Indoor Environmental Quality Consulting Training Online
This course will teach students how to identify microbial and chemical contaminants as they relate to air quality. This course is a mixture of reading assignments, written assignments, audio & video presentations and correspondence with the instructor.
Microbial Assessment 201 & Interpreting Sample Results
This Microbial Assessment 201 & Interpreting Sample Results course is tailored for indoor environmental professionals to improve their hypothesis development, sample collection and sample interpretation as they apply to microbial assessments of indoor environments.
14-Hour Florida Mold License Continuing Education Online
This 14-Hour Florida Mold License Continuing Education Online course meets the state requirements for renewal of a Florida Mold Assessment and Remediation License. Students will revisit concepts presented in their initial certification class and learn the latest standards and applicable updates to industry Best Practices.
4-Hour Mold Inspection and Assessment Refresher - AMA
This 4-Hour Mold Inspection and Assessment Refresher course provides a detailed review of the processes involved in inspecting and assessing a building for mold growth. This course meets the refresher training requirements for the DC DOEEE Mold Assessment Professional discipline.
4-Hour Mold Remediation Supervisor Refresher - AMA
This 4-Hour Mold Remediation Supervisor Refresher - AMA course meets the refresher training requirements for the DC DOEE Mold Remediation Professional (Supervisor) discipline.
Mold Guidelines and Standards
Mold Guidelines & Standards takes the student through the standard guidelines and library resources generally used for mold assessment. This course is worth 14.0 hours of continuing education for Normi, IICRC and the State of Florida.
Certified Mold Awareness (CMA) Online
This Certified Mold Awareness (CMA) - Online Course will instruct students on mold contamination and basic remediation. Students will learn how to identify different types of mold based on microbiology concepts and how to address mold activity. 
Certified Mold Technician Level II Professional (CMTP) Online
This Certified Mold Technician Level II Professional (CMTP) Online course will prepare students for the entire process of mold remediation and is ideal for those owning their own remediation company.
Certified Mold Technician (CMT) Online
This Certified Mold Technician (CMT) course will satisfy training requirements for mold remediation technicians.
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