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Equip yourself with the training you need for a successful career in construction with our Construction Trade courses. From construction site basics to advanced skills training to Contractor Licensing Exam Prep, our comprehensive course catalog offers a variety of options for craft laborers of all experience levels and specializations. Through dynamic partnerships with local training organizations, Green Education Services equips our students with the skills needed for employment in the construction industry. Expand your business or employment options today through our Construction Trade training!

EPA 608 Technician Certification Online Anytime
This package includes an EPA Section 608 Technician Certification Prep Course and The Online Exam Fees to achieve Universal Certification or Type I, II, or III.
EPA 608 Technician Certification Exam Online Anytime
Registration for this event includes the EPA Section 608 Technician certification EXAM ONLY, administered by an approved online exam proctor. 
HVAC Maintenance Technology Online Certification
Through this online HVAC Maintenance Technology Online Certification program, participants will earn a Technical Certificate in HVAC Maintenance Technology and the EPA Technician Certification as approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
Gas Furnace Maintenance Online Anytime
This Gas Furnace Online Anytime course will teach students skills in servicing gas furnaces.  Students will also learn safety skills such as checking for gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Emphasis will be placed on making safe repairs.
Electric Furnace Maintenance Online Anytime
This Electric Furnace Maintenance Online Anytime course will teach students skills in servicing electric furnaces. Students will learn electric heating principles and repair work.
Heat Pump Maintenance Online Anytime
This Heat Pump Maintenance Online Anytime course will teach students the basic approach to servicing heat pumps.
Air Conditioning Maintenance Online Anytime
This Air Conditioning Maintenance Online Anytime course develops skills in servicing air conditioners.
Plumbing Maintenance Technology Online Certification
Through this Plumbing Maintenance Technology Online Certification program, students will learn skills related to the maintenance of residential electrical systems and earn a Technical Certificate in Plumbing Maintenance Technology.
Xactimate Level 1 & 2 Online
This Xactimate 3 Day Class - Online course teaches students how to write property damage estimates using Xactimate X1 Desktop
Blueprint Reading
The Blueprint Reading course is an introductory course that provides the blueprint fundamentals needed for residential and light commercial projects. This course will help you to organize and apply blueprint reading skills towards preparing accurate forecasts of the materials, labor and costs involved in a project.
Intro to Xactimate Spanish
Este curso de Introduction to Xactimate Spanish es enseña a los estudiantes cómo usar el software para crear estimaciones e informes. 
Healthy Housing Environmental Assessment
This 3-day Healthy Housing Environmental Assessment course trains students how to inspect homes based on the eight principles of healthy housing as outlined by the HUD Healthy Homes Production Program.
eQUEST Training Online Anytime
This eQUEST Training Online Anytime course gives you a well rounded knowledge of eQUEST. It starts with basic concepts about eQUEST and energy modeling and works through intermediate and advanced topics.
EM 385-1-1 Version 2014 Plus OSHA 30 Training
This EM-385 course was developed specifically for construction contracts with NAVFAC; Army Corp; Air Force; NASA; and US Coast Guard facilities to provide the students with a better understanding of the contractor's obligation to run a safe job and the contracting officer's role in safety oversight. This course uses classroom instruction, live demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and site inspection scenarios, giving students practical experience completing an AHA and APP.
eQUEST Building Set Up Case Study Online Anytime
In this course we give you the building designs and specifications and then show you how to input them step-by-step into eQUEST to create the full building for your energy modeling.
Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Unearthed Online Anytime
This Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Unearthed Online Anytime Course first discusses the needs mechanical system designers have from an energy model system to designing a ground coupled heat pump (GCHP) system and the associated ground heat exchanger (GHX).
HVAC Design - Manual J Wrightsoft RSU Software Online Anytime
Learn about Manual-J concepts, as well as receive a thorough training on Wrightsoft's Right-J and Draw modules in this HVAC Design - Manual J Wrightsoft RSU Software Online Anytime course.
HVAC Design - Manual J Elite RHVAC Software Online Anytime
Learn Manual-J concepts and receive a thorough training on the ELITE RHVAC Software in this HVAC Design - Manual J Elite RHVAC Software Online Anytime course.
HVAC Design - Manual S Fundamentals/Spreadsheet Reporting Online Anytime
Discover how to properly select HVAC equipment based on the methods covered in ACCA's Manual-S and record and analyze data in this HVAC Design - Manual S Fundamentals/Spreadsheet Reporting Online Anytime course.
HVAC Design - Manual T Fundamentals/Spreadsheet Reporting Online Anytime
Learn how to properly select HVAC system terminations based on the methods covered in ACCA's Manual-T with this HVAC Design - Manual T Fundamentals/Spreadsheet Reporting Online Anytime course.
Home Inspection Training
This professional Home Inspection training course will introduce you to the home inspection industry, the home inspection process, running and marketing a home inspection business, the role and value of home inspection associations, certification requirements, as well as standards and ethics within the industry.
60-Hour Home Inspection Package
A home inspector's job is to identify defects in all areas of the home, including the electrical, plumbing, HVAC, structure, roofing, etc. This 60-Hour Home Inspection Package will prepare individuals to become home inspectors for most residential settings.
90-Hour Home Inspection Package
This 90-Hour Home Inspection Package will prepare individuals to become home inspectors for most residential settings. This course expands upon the 60-Hour Home Inspection Package by adding DVDs with "hands-on" field experience and evaluations.
ICC Residential Inspector (B-1 Certified) Exam Prep
This ICC Residential Inspector Exam Prep teaches you everything you need to know to pass your test and become B-1 certified. You won't just learn the most up-to-date code standards, but also important regulations surrounding construction materials, the best methods and practices, and even the requirements for product quality evaluations and building code inspections.
ICC Commercial Building Inspector (B-2 Certified) Exam Prep
Our ICC Commercial Building Inspector course is the best way to prepare for your B-2 exam and certification. It covers not only construction regulations and up-to-date commercial code specifics, but also detailed advice on starting and operating a commercial inspection business. If you want to become licensed and open doors with engineering firms, municipalities, and major construction companies, then this class is your first step.
Psychrometrics and HVAC - Everything You Need To Know - Online Anytime
Do you want to master HVAC? Do you want to be a great energy-modeler? You must know psychrometrics.
TRACE 700 Training Online Anytime
This TRACE 700 Training Online Anytime Course will take you from a beginner to an advanced user. This new tutorial covers how to model Dedicated Outside Air in TRACE 700.
Xactimate 28 Training
Xactimate® 28 is the number one software solution available on the market for property claims estimating today. It empowers you with all of the tools needed to create professional estimates, as well as to view and manage all your estimating and communication-related activities.
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