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The HVAC Design - Manual J Elite RHVAC Software Online Anytime course will provide you with a solid overview of Manual-J concepts, as well as a thorough training on the ELITE RHVAC Software. This class offers the same material we typically deliver in our physical classes, plus even more! It's by-far the most advanced online Manual-J Training available! This online Manual-J Training course is always available. You can gain access to over 15 hours of video training content in less than 5 minutes after purchasing this class.

HVAC Design - Manual J Elite RHVAC Software Online Anytime is part 2 of the Manual-J training and focuses on the proper use of software to perform load calculations. You'll first learn about the software itself - how it's structured, how to navigate, what different menus offer, etc. Once you have a grasp of the software, you'll get the opportunity to put it to use! You'll complete 6 sample projects, each of which contain different specifications and design elements, with the assistance of step-by-step videos to guide the way. You'll then perform the final project on your own, on which you'll be quizzed. This class is offered using Wrightsoft's RSU or Elite's RHVAC software.

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  • 8 weeks of access to 15 hours of online anytime training
  • Access to the online forum where you can ask questions about the software or the projects
  • A downloadable checklist to use on all of your future projects
  • HVAC Design - Manual J Elite RHVAC Software course certification
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