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CMP stands for Credential Maintenance Program. Created by GBCI, CMP is the continuing education program required for LEED credentialed professionals to help maintain current knowledge of green building practices and the LEED green building rating systems.

LEED Green Associates must complete 15 hours of Continuing Education (CE) every two years. The reporting period begins on the day that the individual passes the exam and GBCI awards their credential. Three of these CE hours must be approved by GBCI as LEED-specific hours.

LEED APs with a Sspecialty (BD+C, ID+C, O+M, Homes, or ND) must complete 30 Continuing Education (CE) hours every two years. The reporting period begins on the day that the individual passes the exam and GBCI awards their credential. Six of these CE hours must be approved by GBCI as LEED-specific hours. Note: If you have more than one specialty, please view GBCI's CMP Guide for further details on hours required.

Legacy LEED APs have the choice whether they wish to advance their credential and become a LEED AP + Specialty or remain a LEED AP. If you opt in to the new credentialing program, you have the choice to retest OR to enroll in the prescriptive credential maintenance program and earn 30 CEs within the 24-month reporting period. Please visit the LEED AP Legacy page for further information on how to participate in the CMP program.

LEED-specific hours are continuing education hours that are related to the credits and categories of LEED, take an in-depth, technical look at a LEED update or LEED project case study, and shows the implementation of LEED & benefits of using LEED. All LEED-specific continuing education hours must be approved and designated as LEED-specific by an Education Reviewing Body or GBCI.

For the LEED AP credential, the six LEED-specific hours must directly relate to the LEED AP's specialty designation.

The reporting period begins the day that an individual successfully passes the exam and is awarded the LEED credential by GBCI, and extends 2 years from that date.

Actually, there are eight types of maintenance activities: professional development courses (must be approved by USGBC); live presentations; self- study programs, including reading; college and university courses; certificates, professional licenses, and credentials; committee and volunteer work; authorship; and LEED project participation.

The following is a comprehensive list of approved LEED CMP activities in which to earn CE hours:

  Activity  Prescriptive Credential Maintenance Requirements
Per 2 Year Reporting Period
Max CMP Hours per
  Professional Development and Continuing Education -Yes  Must be approved course by ERB
  Live Presentations5 CE HoursNo-
  Self Study Programs5 CE HoursYes-
  College and University
-Yes  College or University must be
  Certificates, Professional
  Licenses & Credentials
-No  1 CE hour for certificates, 3 CE
  hours for professional licenses
  and credentials
  USGBC Chapter Committee
  & Volunteer Work
4 CE HoursNo  2 CE hours for leadership position
  and 0.5 CE hours for attending
  Authorship-Yes  3 CE hours for a published article
  and 10 CE hours for a published
  LEED Project Participation10 CE HoursYes  1 CE hours per prerequisite or
  credit and 2 CE hours for being
  project administrator

Green Education Services is an approved USGBC Education Provider, and offers a wide selection of live, online webinars and in-house training options to achieve your CE requirements. Please visit the LEED Continuing Education page for a full catalogue of courses available.

Yes, Green Education Services offers several online courses whichcourses that are approved by USGBC by for GBCI for CE Hours. Please visit our LEED Continuing Education page for a full schedule and further details on all available CMP packages and a la carte courses.

LEED credentialed professionals must self-report all of their CMP activities online through My Credentials (available at > My Credentials). No additional documentation will be required unless you are audited.

To report CMP activities:
1. Log in to My Credentials at and select Review/Report CMP Activity from the Current Options.
2. Select the credential, if applicable, and the category to which the CMP activity applies.
3. Enter the activity date and end date, if applicable, subcategory, delivery methods, description, details, content type, and CE hours earned.

LEED Professionals can add, delete, or review CE hours at any time and can print a report of complete and remaining CE hours.

Once a LEED Professional has fulfilled the CMP requirements for their credential, they must pay a $50 fee to complete the renewal process. This fee must be paid within 30 days after the individual's reporting period, or the credential will expire.

If you do not complete your CMP requirements within the 24- month period after your exam date, your LEED credential will expire and you will need to retake the exam if you wish to regain your credential. If you are a LEED AP+ and your credential expires, you will need to retake both the LEED Green Associate AND the LEED AP + specialty exam to regain your credential.

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