How to Become A Lead Paint Inspector in New Jersey

How To Become a Lead Inspector in New Jersey

After attending lead paint training, there are additional steps to obtain your lead paint certification in the state of New Jersey.

The lead certificate you need in New Jersey depends on the type of work you want to perform:

  1. To inspect a property for lead paint, please continue below to the Lead Inspector certification instructions.
  2. If you wish to renovate, repair, or paint in a pre-1978 home or child occupied facility that may have lead, please visit our EPA Lead Renovator (RRP) page.
  3. To remove lead paint hazards, please visit our Lead Abatement in New Jersey page.

Company Registration

In addition to complying with the training and individual certification requirements, any company offering to perform lead hazard evaluations in New Jersey must also be registered as a Lead Evaluation Contractor. A $2,518.00 fee is required - view application and requirements.

Steps to Become a Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor:

  1. The New Jersey Lead Inspector / Risk Assessor performs a surface-by-surface inspection to determine presence of lead-based paint. A risk assessment report explains the results and options for reducing hazards.
  2. Meet ONE of the following Prerequisites:
    1. Bachelor’s degree and one additional year of experience in a related field OR
    2. Certification as a sanitary inspector-grade 1, health officer, an industrial hygienist, an engineer, a registered architect, or an environmentally-related scientific experience in a related field OR
    3. A high school diploma (or equivalent), and at least two additional years of experience in a related field
  3. Attend Lead Inspector Initial or Lead Risk Assessor Initial training. If you are already certified and need to renew, attend a Lead Inspector Refresher or Lead Risk Assessor Refresher course.
  4. Register for The Exam: Candidates may register online or call 800-275-8346 to sign-up for the exam. Before calling, please have the following available: legal name, address, and other demographic information; the type of examination you wish to take (ie. Inspector/Risk Assessor); preferred examination date and test center location; and $70 fee to take the exam. You may wish to review the Exam booklet before registration.
  5. Apply to the NJDOH (NJ Department of Health) for your Lead Inspector/Risk Assessor certification. Wait to do this AFTER passing the certification exam. Each certificate is $150. All fees are non-refundable.
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