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Why Should You Take This DOT HAZMAT Transportation course?

This DOT HAZMAT Transportation course meets the general requirements of 49 CFR §172.704 and includes general awareness and familiarization with the provisions of the hazardous material transportation regulation. The primary focus is on highway transportation and covers the basic and most up-to-date information on this regulation. This affects employees who select or fill hazardous materials packages, label containers, complete shipping papers, load or unload vehicles, transload hazardous materials, or operate vehicles used in the transport of hazardous materials. 

Receive your required training and learn how to comply with all regulations at this comprehensive seminar. DOT requires initial training and recurrent training every three years. This workshop prepares you to immediately apply your knowledge to the field, with extensive hands-on training and real-world examples from experienced instructors.

It is the employer's responsibility to ensure their employees receive training, the employee may not perform their duties unless they are under direct supervision of a properly trained and knowledgable hazmat employee, until they have received training, Employees must be trained within 90 days of hire or change in job function(s).


Please Note:  This class meets both your initial and recurrent training requirements. 


Refresher Training:  DOT typically requires re-training at least every three years.


Intended Audience: Packaging personnel, handlers, those preparing paperwork, first line supervisors and drivers.


Topics To Be Covered Include:

  • HAZMAT Regulations
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety
  • How To Recognize and Identify Hazardous Materials
  • Emergency Response Information
  • Self-Protection Measures
  • Accident Prevention Methods and Procedures


Compliance Code:   49 CFR §172.704

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What's Included
  • Interactive training with a live, experienced instructor
  • Hands-on training for maximized learning
  • Detailed student manual to keep as a reference for when you're in the field
  • DOT HAZMAT Transportation certification
Scheduling Process
  1. Contact us and let us know how many employees need training.
  2. We will send a request for bid to our network of over 400 trainers.
  3. Sit back, relax, and within 24-48 hours you will have competitive pricing and a training date for this course.
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