8-Hour CalTrans Mandatory Water Pollution Control Manager (WPCM)

8-Hour CalTrans Mandatory Water Pollution Control Manager (WPCM) Courses

This 8-Hour CalTrans Mandatory Water Pollution Control Manager (WPCM) course trains students on the roles and responsibilities of a Water Pollution Control Manager on a stormwater management project. Students will receive training on permit applications, construction site monitoring, documentation and more.

As per CalTrans Specifications 13-1.01D(4)(b), students who complete this course may act as an Assistant Water Pollution Control Manager.

Students who already have a valid Qualified SWPPP Practitioner or Developer certificate and complete this course and the 4-Hour Tittle 22 Hazardous Waste Training course may act as a Water Pollution Control Manager (WPCM) or Assistant WPCM.

Topics to be CoveredSWPPP/WPCP Preparation Manual; Construction Site BMP Manual; Construction Site Monitoring Program Guidance Manual; Site Deatering; Stormwater Data Report; Standard Special Provisions; Contract Special Provisions; Potential Applicable Permits; Drafting a Site-Specific SWPPP/WPCP; BMP Inspections; BMP Maintenance and Documentation; Sampling and Analysis Program (SAP); WPCM Responsibilities; Inspections; Caltrans Enforcement Response Plan (ERP)

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  • 8 hours of stormwater management training
  • Course content developed to Caltrans Specifications
  • Certificate upon successful completion

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