Forklift: Key On Inspection Part 2 - Online

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Forklift: Key On Inspection Part 2 - Online Courses

The Forklift: Key On Inspection Part 2 - Online is a 15-minute course that is the second of two parts of the preoperational forklift inspection. This course reviews the importance and frequency of pre-operation inspections, as well as the procedures for removing a forklift from service. Other topics covered include inspection items that must be checked for legibility, the verification and proper operation of all lights, the dashboard panel, safety devices, forks and mast movement. An interactive simulation shows a worker inspecting a forklift before starting their shift. The course reviews the significance and frequency of pre-operation inspections.

Topics to be Covered Include: Inspection Components; Inspection of Dashboard, Lights, Mast and Fork

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  • Experienced Instructors
  • OSHA Standard: 1910.178
  • Certificate of Completion
  • VR simulation
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