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Fire Prevention Awareness for Construction Online Courses

This Fire Prevention Awareness for Construction Online course teaches the fundamentals of fire prevention safety. Students will learn how to recognize fire hazards and how to stop fires from occurring in the workplace.

Fire safety is an important skill for anyone on a jobsite. Construction site fires can be extremely dangerous. A lack of fire prevention awareness can also lead to expensive structural damage and project delays. This course teaches important fire prevention safety in order to prevent these types of accidents.

Geared toward self-paced learning, this course is presented entirely online. This introductory level course is a great option for quickly training staff on fire safety basics.

Topics to be Covered:

Introduction to Fire Prevention; Common Construction Fire Causes; Steps to Control Fires; Fire Extinguisher Basics; How to Read Fire Extinguisher Labels; Types of Fire Extinguishers; How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

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