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Fall Protection Systems Inspection - Online Courses

Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) Inspection - Online is a 20 minute course required for all workers in construction who are required to wear and maintain PFAS for work purposes. Students will adhere to OSHA Standard: 1926.502 and industry best practices while learning about the various types of PFAS, proper care, inspection and damaged equipment. In order to make sure students grasp the significance of comprehensive inspections for jobsite safety, an interactive simulation improves learning by letting them examine a PFAS harness for flaws.

Topics to be Covered Include: PFAS Comprehension; Proper Care and Inspection; Damaged PFAS

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  • Experienced Instructors
  • Self Paced Learning
  • OSHA Standard: 1926.502 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • VR simulation
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