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Please Note:  This course only offers the online study material, and does not include field testing or exams.

Why Should You Take This BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Combo Online Anytime Course?

This BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Combo Online Anytime course provides all the training necessary to challenge both the BPI Building Analyst Professional and the Building Envelope Specialist exams. Topics include BPI Building Evaluation Standards, heat loss and savings calculations, step-by-step energy audit & diagnostic procedures, developing and prioritizing a retrofit work scope. The course also covers why the diagnostic process is so important, why problems related to the building shell such as moisture, ice dams, mildew and drafts were a problem in the first place - and more importantly, how to resolve them.

You will be able to work with homeowners to improve their comfort and safety, and reduce their energy bills. Your BPI Building Analyst and Building Envelope Specialist certifications enhance your credibility with homeowners, making it easier to close jobs and grow your business.


Intended Audience: 

  • Home inspectors
  • Appraisers
  • Contractors: construction, remodelers, HVAC, air sealing, insulation, windows and door
  • Those interested in a new career!


    Topics To Be Covered Include:

    • 16 hours of Energy & Shell Fundamentals
    • 4 hours of Pressure & CAZ Diagnostics
    • 4.5-hours of Work Scope Requirements
    • 4 hours of Envelope and Retrofit Measures
    • BPI Building Evaluation Standards
    • Heat Loss and Savings Calculations
    • Step-by-Step Energy Audit & Diagnostic Procedures
    • Worst-case Depressurization Test
    • Combustion Appliance Evaluation
    • Blower Door Tests
    • Duct Leakage Evaluation
    • Developing and Prioritizing a Retrofit Work Scope
    • Bonus Module: Top 100 Construction Terms & Der


    Note: This course option does not include the written exam or field exam required to receive full BPI Analyst & Envelope certification. Students who wish to take the exams must register for the local exam option.

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