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This  Plumbing Maintenance Technology Online Certification program will teach students the knowledge and skills related to the installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing systems. Graduates will be awarded a Technical Certificate in Plumbing Maintenance Technology.

NOTE: Program must be completed in 30 days. Please see below for the extension policy.

This online program includes five course modules:

  1. General Plumbing Maintenance
  2. Advanced Plumbing Maintenance
  3. Uniform Plumbing Codes I
  4. Uniform Plumbing Codes II
  5. Plumbing Code Calculations

Students will learn the anatomy of a plumbing system, how to repairs leaks, replace and install fixtures, and plumbing codes related to material regulations, water supply and distribution, clean outs, and code enforcement. Emphasis will be placed on making repairs in a safe and efficient manner through the use of plumbing system diagrams.

The Plumbing Maintenance Technology program is 100% web-based and the curriculum for each course involves:

  • Online instructions and reading assignments
  • Viewing online lessons
  • Analyzing reference materials on various websites
  • Taking quizzes and final examinations via the internet
  • An option of repeating lessons and/or quizzes to improve scores
  • Participating in web-based meetings
  • Completing a mandatory 1-hour verification assignment
  • Documenting 10 hours of OJT assignments

All training materials align with industry standards, governmental regulations, manuals are produced by equipment manufacturers. The course uses current textbooks and lab manuals, and technical publications.

Who Should Take this Plumbing Maintenance Technology Online Certification Course?

  • HVAC workers
  • Plumbing apprentices
  • General contractors

The following general and specialty tools as well as safety equipment are needed throughout the training and to perform the work going forward, so add them to your toolkit!

General Tools: Plastic Tool Box with Lock, 25 Ft. Tape Measure, 16 oz Hammer, Utility (Box) Knife, 15" Utility Bar, Phillips & Standard Screw Driver Set, 6 in 1 Screw Driver, 12" Adjustable Wrench, 12" Channel Locks, 10" Slip Joint Pliers, 8" Needle Nose Pliers, 8" Lineman Pliers, Torpedo Level, Wire Strippers, Wire Rippers & Gauge, GFI Receptacle Tester, 6" Drywall Taping Knife, and Hand Sander or Sanding block.

Specialty Tools: Hand Torch, Basin Wrench, Basket Wrench, Plug Wrench, PO Wrench, Seat Wrench, Stem Puller, Set of Tub Sockets, Socket to remove an Electric Water Heater Element, Tubing Benders, and Imperial Estman Flair & Swaging Tool Set.

Safety Equipment: Rubber and Cloth Gloves, Sewer Machine Gloves, Eye Protection, and Dust Masks.

Course Extension Policy
Students are encouraged to complete all coursework pursuant to the schedule; however, course extensions may be granted due to extenuating circumstances.  Extenuating circumstances may include family or medical emergencies, work related accidents, building system failures*, job relocations, employment terminations, military deployments, natural disasters, universal precautions, or hazardous substances and cleanup. 

* Building System Failures mean significant damage to the electrical power, gas supply, water distribution, sewer system, or building structure that requires maintenance work from numerous technicians until corrected. This definition does not include deficiencies in units that one individual can repair. 

Students who meet this criteria may submit a request to have his/her course extended.  Documentation is required to support such claim. More importantly, students are required to set realistic goals and timelines to complete outstanding assignments.  Requests stemming from routine maintenance operations will not be considered.

If the request is denied, that decision can be appealed by obtaining approval from the student’s management team: specifically from [1] the Maintenance Director or Maintenance Committee, [2] Property Manager, [3] Regional Property Manager, and [4] a Regional Property Manager not assigned to that area. Their approval must be unanimous, otherwise, approval from the Company CEO is required.

PLU101 - General Plumbing Maintenance
This course develops skills in solving plumbing problems in a home or apartment community.  The students will learn the anatomy of a plumbing system and how to make repairs at kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and water heaters. The students will also learn how to work with PVC, copper, galvanized, and black pipe.  Moreover, they learn how to cut, thread, flare, swag, and solder pipe.  Other topics include tools for the trade, pipe repair techniques, thawing frozen pipes, and opening clogged drains. Emphasis will be placed on making repairs in a safe, efficient and productive manner.

PLU102 - Advanced Plumbing Maintenance
This course develops skills in making plumbing improvements.  The technicians will learn to replace drains, vents and traps; cold and hot water supply lines; and how to install sinks, toilets and bathtubs.  Moreover, the technicians will learn how to use a drain machine, quiet noisy pipes, winterize plumbing devices, and correct pressure problems.

PLU103 - Uniform Plumbing Codes I
This course develops skills in interpreting plumbing codes. The students will learn administration and enforcement, definitions, material regulations, joints and connections, sanitary and drainage systems, vents, traps, interceptors, separators, back water valves, drain pipe clean-out, and water supply and distribution.

PLU104 - Uniform Plumbing Codes II
This is a comprehensive review course designed to clarify the uncertainties in applying plumbing codes. The intent is to give the student maximum exposure in plumbing designs to minimize costly retrofits and/or expensive errors in installation and maintenance projects.

PLU105 - Plumbing Code Calculations
This course studies the basic approach to making plumbing code calculations. The students will learn to calculate supply lines, drainage lines, vent lines, joints and connections, vents, traps, interceptors, separators, pressures, flows, and volumes. The students will also gain exposure to safety information, tools and testing equipment.
CertificatesCertificates are issued 1-3 days after course completion
FoodLunch and snacks will be provided when attending 8 hour, 3 day training programs. No food is provided for 3-hour training programs.
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Plumbing Maintenance Technology Online Certification
review userShatekia M.
5 stars out of 5 stars attended on May 19, 2023
The course goes into detail with every topic it shows pictures and labels of things that are shown it also shows the difference... The course goes into detail with every topic it shows pictures and labels of things that are shown it also shows the difference between for example gas W/H and an electric W/H and it gives small quizzes and you can pace yourself and take notes on everything the instructor is very friendly and helpful and they have zoom meetings
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AC/C TECH is a post-secondary institution specializing in residential and apartment maintenance technology; specifically, training related to appliance repair, electrical wiring, heating and air conditioning, interior/exterior building maintenance, plumbing, smart home technology, and swimming pool maintenance. AC/C TECH also provides BPI Certification, EPA Technician Certification, NATE Certification, Swimming Pool Operator's Certification, Indiana Home Energy Conservation Contractor Training, and Indiana Home Inspectors continuing education training.

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