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Why Should You Take This Level 3 - Hands-On A/B Testing Design of Experiments Online Anytime Course?

Today all leading organizations are utilizing test-and-learn methodology to quickly test hypothesis around product and feature usage, learning from the behavior observed and rolling out the winner. Effective Test-and-learn delivers competitive advantage to the organization by rapid prototyping and quick low risk tests before a full roll out. The focus of this Level 3 - Hands-On A/B Testing Design of Experiments Online Anytime course, is to give business professionals a tool, a recipe to glean insights from data and drive impact. This is done using Aryng's proprietary BEDIR framework. 

It is time to learn, how to design, launch and read test yourself. It is time, to derive insights and drive smarter data-driven decisions. It is time to learn, how you can innovate and discover new product feature using A/B testing. It is time for you to invest 2 days of your time, to turn yourself into Super-Hero product managers and marketing managers, those who everybody else around turns to, when in need. BI and data professionals who support Product and Marketing groups find it most useful to attend this workshop along side the product and marketing folks to be able to deliver more than just test data. They learn how they can deliver insights to their counter parts effectively so those insights drive business impact. We recommend taking 4 weeks to complete this course, dedicating 4 hours every week


Prerequisite: Level 1 - Business Impact Through Analytics


Intended Audience:  

This workshop is designed especially for product and marketing professionals, looking to leverage test results for smarter decision making and Analysts, Data Scientist and Engineers, looking to increase the impact of their work and get more conclusive read from their tests.

Hands-On Test-and-Learn:  In part 1, we will take you on a journey that begins with a business goal, proceeds to experiment plan and design, proper data collection, deriving insights from the test and concludes by making an impactful presentation. The agenda covers approaches to communicate analytical findings, delivering powerful presentations, and best practices to roll out effective tests with definitive results. Examples, hands-on exercises, case study and templates empower attendees to return to their organizations with the processes and toolkit that ensures they are ready to approach any test-and-learn problem and drive towards impact.

Case Simulation:  In part 2, we review the testing framework to get from inquiry to impact and attendees work in groups to solve a real life test case using the framework learned. The case starts with a business problem and ends with attendees presenting their executive deck laden with recommendations and insights in a span of 1-day! We also spice the day with role plays for effective collaboration in cross-functional organization.


Course Objectives:

  • A proven approach to driving decisions based on test data using BEDIR- our 5-steps Testing Framework. Learn analysis techniques and effective influencing and cross-functional skills to convert those insights to impact.
  • Hands on comfort with full factorial Test Design using 5-step Testing Framework
  • Introduction to advanced topic: Fractional factorial, Taguchi optimization
  • Test measurement and analysis: statistical significance, behavioral analysis 
  • BEDIR Deep Dive
    1. Get to the real Business Goal (30 minutes + Exercises)
    2. Lay out an Experimentation Plan
      1. Experimentation Plan -> Scope (45 minutes + Exercises)
      2. Experimentation Plan -> Design (70 minutes + Exercises)
      3. Experimentation Plan -> Plan (30 minutes + Exercises)
    3. Data Collection based on test launch (5 minutes)
    4. Derive Insights from the test results (65 minutes + Exercises)
    5. Make Actionable Recommendations based on Test results (30 minutes + Exercises)
  • CASE SIMULATION: Test your knowledge (6 hours of Discussion + hands-on work + review of answers)
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